Swedbank – atkal krāpšanas mēģinājums



Kārtējais Swedbankas klientu fishing mēģinājums. Tiko atnāca šāds meils:

Dear Valued Customer, On the 17th of March 2009 Hansabanka will change its business name, the new operating name will be Swedbank AS. This move is the last phase in the brand changing process initiated last autumn. In Latvia the bank’s new name will be Swedbank AS and in Lithuania “Swedbank” AB.
Until the full changes will be made to our system we will require some personal information of every account holder.
Click here and complete all the required data.
Account suspension will be applied if the necessary data will not be completed.

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Atceraties! Banka nekad nesūta meilus ar linkiem, kur jāievada savi personas vai bankas dati!!!

Esiet prātīgi.

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  1. phishing ;)

  2. aye, paldies – es esmu tikai nesens gansenes klients, tieši mani (tīri teorētiski) būtu viegli šitā apkāst :)

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